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How to work and earn money from home in Mexico

Work from home has become popular among modern families because they allow people to generate income while taking care of their homes.

This way of earning money from home is especially useful for mothers and fathers who do not wish to sacrifice their working life (and the income that it entails) and also time with their children.

Given the wide range of job or business offers from home, many entrepreneurs and professionals have decided to be their own bosses. Discover in this article how to work from home and earn good money doing it.

If you have a regular job and want to start working from home, plan the transition well so that your personal finances are not affected. Make sure you have a client portfolio that allows you to earn equal or more than what you get in your current job.

Tips for working from home


  • Schedules :
    Set a schedule that you must follow regardless of whether you are now your own boss. Start early and you can get more out of your days.
  • Place :
    Create a space inside your home that is specific to work or start your business.
  • Distractions :
    Avoid procrastinating, do not use social networks, or do activities that can distract you.
  • Organization :
    Plan your activities so you can complete them more efficiently. Use tools such as calendars or agendas that help you prioritize your obligations.
  • Breaks :
    Do not forget to take a break from time to time to activate your circulation and that the tasks do not seem too cumbersome.

How to find jobs from home?


To find jobs from home, people usually use the following 3 methods:

Capitalizing your talents

If you know enough about some extracurricular activity, you can always get certified and start teaching at home. This will allow you to generate extra income without leaving, and you will also be doing what you like.

Looking for jobs online

There are currently many companies that benefit from the services offered by freelancers around the world.

If you have a trade or profession that allows you to exercise from a distance, do not hesitate to look for a job on websites for freelancers.

Starting a business

Some of the largest companies in the world have been born at home, and if you dedicate yourself to undertaking perhaps yours is the following.

You can start a business from scratch capitalizing your talents or exploiting a niche market where you used to work and that you noticed unattended.

Work ideas from home in Mexico

Work ideas from home in Mexico

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a housewife, or just looking for a source of extra income, the following jobs that can be done from home will help you achieve your goals.

Give massages

Every day people invest more money in personal care; That is why if you are certified as a professional masseuse you can receive clients at home and generate profits thanks to it.

Fix clothes

Cutting and sewing skills can be useful to earn money from home. Start offering your services in your locality and create a good reputation that allows you to constantly have orders and generate more profits.

Offer tutoring

You can give classes aimed at elementary, high school or university students. You can also teach music, cooking, yoga, cutting and sewing, languages. Whatever you can think of, the possibilities are endless for tutors.

If you’re just getting started, it may be a good idea to complement this activity in your home with a weekend job. You will have greater economic security by having two incomes.

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Loan without verification and certificates



Within the Polish non-bank loans sector, we can increasingly come across such proposals as, for example , installment loans without verification . However, it is worth being aware that the issue is in this case a bit more complex than it may seem.

So is something like installment loan without verification even possible? And what is the difference between a loan without verification and a loan without earnings certificates?

Loan without verification: truth or myth?

Loan without verification: truth or myth?

It is worth starting with the basic information, namely some formal distinction. One should be aware that, as a rule, entities granting non-bank loans are divided into two completely separate groups: loan institutions and so-called parabanks.

As for loan institutions, they are entities that meet the following formal criteria:

  • They appear in the Register of Loan Institutions
  • They operate in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act
  • They are regularly monitored by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

In the case of loan institutions, we are talking about completely reliable entities whose activities are regulated by relevant regulations and controlled by institutions established for this purpose.

As for loan institutions, products such as unverified loans do not, as a rule, exist.

As for loan institutions, products such as unverified loans do not, as a rule, exist.

Each loan institution, when checking the customer’s creditworthiness, uses specific databases. It can be, for example, only BIK or only KRD and sometimes even all such institutions. Admittedly, some of the lending institutions have a more flexible policy and may also grant loans to those clients who appear in the databases of BIK or Economic Information Bureaus. In this case, however, it is conditioned by the result of an individual assessment of the creditworthiness of a particular customer.

Here you can actually meet companies that don’t really check any databases. This obviously means a significant simplification when it comes to the availability of loans. It should be remembered, however, that parabanks are called shadow economy entities for a reason, so using the services of this type of companies is, in principle, a risky undertaking.

Loan without earnings certificates

Loan without earnings certificates

What can you say about options such as a loan with no earnings certificates ? Here the matter is much less complicated than in the previous example. In practice, the vast majority of loan institutions do not require their clients to submit documents confirming the amount of income they receive. This is not a scam or misleading advertising. Simply put, lending institutions use other methods to verify the creditworthiness of a potential customer. For example, services such as Kontomatik or Instantor are becoming more and more fashionable, which are used to confirm the identity of the customer but at the same time download certain data from his bank account. In this way, the loan institution is able to assess the client’s solvency without having to request documents such as a salary certificate.

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