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Loan for unemployed – meet the conditions

If we are struggling with financial problems in our lives, it may be related to a lack of work. Unemployment is a big problem, which means that we often don’t have the funds to pay basic bills. Fortunately, at present there is an excellent solution addressed to all unemployed people. It is about loans for the unemployed. In the article below we explain exactly what an unemployment loan is and how to get it. We invite you to read carefully!

Unemployment – a serious problem

Unemployment - a serious problem

If we are affected by unemployment, then at the same time we will face big financial problems. If we also encounter sudden expenses, then the only way to save it is to take a loan. However, this is not so easy for people without employment. You should know that people without work have nothing to count on a loan from the bank – this option falls out at the very beginning.

However, it is different in the case of non-bank institutions which deal with granting payday loans and loans . They also specified a package of requirements to be able to get a loan for the unemployed, but they are less stringent. A large number of loan companies do not require clients to provide income certificates. All you need to do is submit a written statement regarding the amount of your income. This does not mean, however, that we are allowed to cheat on non-bank institutions. If the lender has any doubts as to the submitted statement on the achieved revenues, he may require us to provide additional documents.

Unemployed person, or who?

Unemployed person, or who?

Who, according to banking institutions, is an unemployed person? These are all people who do not have a stable source of income. This criterion disqualifies the unemployed if they want to get a loan from a bank. Below we describe the conditions that must be met in order to get an installment loan for the unemployed.

Installment loan for unemployed persons – conditions

Installment loan for unemployed persons - conditions

What conditions must be met to get a loan for the unemployed? It is worth knowing first of all that non-bank institutions are primarily open to the needs and expectations of the unemployed. They specialize in providing payday loans and loans via the Internet . These types of companies do not require us to show a document that will certify our income. Every first unemployed customer must meet the following conditions:

  • age not less than 21 years,
  • possession of a valid Polish identity card,
  • Polish citizenship.

As you can see, the above-mentioned conditions are not excessive. Nobody should have a problem with their fulfillment. They open the way for us to get a loan if we are unemployed. Loan companies decide to grant loans to the unemployed provided they have a different source of income that is not remuneration for work. Persons applying for a loan for the unemployed must boast that they are not listed in any of the existing debtors’ databases.

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